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Vishnu's Horse.

Vishnu’s Horse.

Hayagriva, above, is an exquisite piece approximately 2,000 years old. In Hinduism, Hayagriva is a horse-headed avatar of the Lord Vishnu, representing knowledge and wisdom. He is also worshipped in Buddhism. Horse worship is practiced by Turkish and Indo-European people, and by Europeans. Horses are  honored by Native Americans, by the Spanish, and in Balkan culture, a bachelor is wrapped with a horse to transfer the sexual power of horse to the individual.

Many treasures are displayed throughout the shops in Tannery Row Benicia. The quaint town is worth a day trip for families wishing to stroll in a quaint historical town while seeking little treasures for home or for gifts. Benicia also has events throughout the year to add to your pleasure.

Art O’Bay
129 E 1st Street
Benicia, California

Fine furniture.

Fine furniture.


Classic and Vintage Walking Sticks and Canes for men and women. Perfect for day-hikers around our hills.